Thursday, September 24, 2009

My ideal life partner

We all have very high expectations or ideals about our future life partners.It's is quite natural to have preconceived ideals about husband or wives.It will indeed,be rare to find an ideal life partner with all the virtues and qualities that we exalt.It is not wrong to have dreams and fantansies about our future life partners but they should remain just that-dreams and fantasies.In reality we have to adapt ourselves and accommodate our spouses' faults and shortcomings to make marriages successful alliances.

I also have my dreams and fantasies of what an ideal partner should be.In the first,he should be a person with a heart of gold.Good character and personality traits top of my list of priorties.I prefer a guy with average look but who has a good reputaion and without any major flaws in his character.Of course,the main point here is he must taller than me too.

Like most ladies,I continue searching for a perfect partner.He does not have to be a gorgeous-looking man but he must be a loving and responsible man.Not only should he be a good conversationalist but he should also have a good sense of humour.Wishes can find a perfect match soon..........


  1. i knw who is!!!
    the china guy
    dun nid mention i oso knw la~~

  2. haiz.....u always say him...
    i also no choice.....
    u leh?jen husband!